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How to keep Symfony2 sessions after deploy

NOTE : This feature is not available for versions prior to 2.1.X

You may have noticed that after deploying your Symfony2 application all sessions are vanishing. Basically, the reason behind it is a cache removal.

According to the best practices you should not add cache directory into shared folders (and CVS repository as well). Therefore Capifony creates new cache directory for each deploy which results in creating new empty sessions directory.

NOTE: In Symfony2 standard edition sessions are stored in the cache directory.

In order to change sessions save path change the save_path parameter under a framework node in your application’s config.yml

        save_path: "%kernel.root_dir%/sessions/"

You have to add also your sessions directory to Capifony’s :shared_children

# deploy.rb
set :shared_children, [log_path, ..., app_path + "/sessions"]

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