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Managing External Vendors with Composer

By default Capifony will install vendors using bin/vendors. Since Symfony 2.1 Composer has become the default package manager. To use Composer you must add the following to your configuration:

set :use_composer, true

Update Vendors

When using Composer it will run composer.phar install by default. If you want to update your vendors, add the following parameter:

set :update_vendors, true

Shared Vendors

If you want to share the vendor folders between deployments you can add the following to your configuration:

set :copy_vendors, true

Composer Options

You can control command line options passed to composer like so:

set :composer_options,  "--no-dev --verbose --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader --no-progress"

This means that by default, any post-install/post-update hooks that are defined in your composer.json file will run. You can disable that behavior by passing --no-scripts as one of the options above, and perhaps tell Capifony to run separate scripts in your deploy.rb file.

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